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Mercury Access - out team

Our Team

Mercury Access - peter aquino

Peter Aquino

Founder and Partner

Pete has an extensive track record of leading public and private companies in the TMT sector over the course of his career. Pete led all types of corporate initiatives, including acquisitions, divestitures...

Mercury Access - dennis oconnell

Dennis O'Connell

Founder and Partner

Dennis has been scaling businesses successfully for over thirty years in the TMT sector. He has been both a senior operating executive and a hands-on partner in a TMT focused, venture capital firm...

Mercury Access - joe dufresne

Joe DuFresne

Partner and Chief Financial Officer

Joe has a long history of operating company and investment banking experience, primarily focused on digital infrastructure. Prior to Mercury Access Group, Joe held several executive roles at...

Mercury Access - angela yu

Angela Yu

Partner and General Counsel

Angela is a business and corporate law attorney with a background that includes both private law firm and corporate in-house practice. Prior to Mercury Access Group, she served as Corporate Counsel...

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